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With BDPNEXT you find your local DMC partner in the Nordics – Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Sustainability certified, we are here to compose innovative and creative programmes with that special local touch of the Nordics.


Read which principles and values guide us doing business in the BDPNEXT way.

Innovation & Curiosity

You cannot be innovative without being curious, and we love being curious at BDPNEXT. With the senses open, we continuously look for trends, undeveloped ideas and hidden gems. The curiosity we furthermore use by active listening and sincere interest in our clients, colleagues, community and in other words: YOU.

Reliability and trust

We strive to build long-lasting relationships, based on mutual trust and transparency. Values that in these times are more important than ever. We believe that the best cooperation between us all is based on trust, openness and transparency. Don’t you?


For BDPNEXT respect is a key value for acting in this world. Mutual respect even more. Respect for the individual, for our social relations and opinions. Respect for multiple cultures and diversity. Not forgetting respect for our planet and its resources.


We take pride in who we are, the quality of our products, our out-of-the-box and ground-breaking solutions and our colleagues. We are also proud of our destination and the two founding companies’ heritage.

Denmark and Finland

BDPNEXT nourishes a 30-years legacy of its founding companies, BDP and Next Travel, and combines the best of the expertise and experience collected in the companies. The BDPNEXT family covers all Scandinavia and Finland: Next Travel in Finland with Cruise & Business Events; BDP in Denmark with Cruise & Business Events and soon in Norway with Learning Expeditions, too. Click on the countries below to visit their websites. Combining your programme with more destinations can absolutely be recommended. We will be happy to help you.


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