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BDPNEXT cultivates a company culture that reflects our values: we actively listen to colleagues and each initiative and idea is taken seriously. We trust our employees with projects which best fit their personalities and allow growth for not only the company but for the individual as well. We motivate through personalized tasks and empowerment and provide feedback instead of micro-management. We provide and expect respect for each other; by adjusting to work-life balance and being flexible as long as the assignments are delivered. We provide all the necessary tools and knowledge to our part in saving the environment, but we also require using that toolbox and consider the environment in each action being small or big, routine or random. Being a service company operating in the experience economy, our biggest assets are our employees. That is why we have an extensive requirement process to ensure that new colleagues fit the culture and the personalities compile each other within the company, turning the group of employees into a team working together towards the common aim specified in the vision. By working at BDPNEXT, you’ll become a part of a small and dedicated community and not two days will be the same.

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