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Business Events

Going beyond your expectations

Providing what you expect is the bare minimum for us. We aim to excel in executing your expectations, inspire you and show you the authenticity in unspoilt nature, crystal blue archipelagos and buzzing metropoles of Sweden. By choosing BDPNEXT Business Events, you sign up for an out-of-the-box experience brought to you by our dedicated experts. We constantly look for new ideas, extravagant solutions and have a genuine passion for inviting you to Sweden.

Let us arrange your meeting, incentive travel, events or product launch and be your one point of contact before, during and after your event. We don’t only inspire you in the phase of planning the event by being up to date with the newest trends and opportunities, Sweden has to offer, but also provide on-site support to ensure a smooth operation. We are also happy to assist with post-event duties and look forward to a long-term, eventful and beneficial business relationship.


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Hetta Fromhold
Country Manager, Events 🇸🇪
+46 8 400 167 15 - hf@bdpnext.com
Katherine Åsaborn
Project Manager, Events 🇸🇪
+46 70 566 9667 - ka@bdpnext.com