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Strömma Seascape Scandinavia joins the BDPNEXT DMC family in Sweden

The Swedish destination management company Strömma Seascape Scandinavia joins BDPNEXT in Sweden.

With only weeks since we published the opening of the BDPNEXT office in Stockholm, we are proud to announce that the largest Swedish cruise handling agency Strömma Seascape Scandinavia will become part of the BDPNEXT family. With the acquisition of Strömma Seascape Scandinavia, BDPNEXT strengthens its competences in Sweden, and emphasizes the journey towards becoming a major Nordic cruise handling provider.

Hanne Nehmar, chairman of the board, BDPNEXT, adds: “We welcome Seascape Scandinavia to our family and look forward to working with Maria Seljeseth and Candice Bigård. With the solid experience of Seascape Scandinavia combined with the newcomer’s eye of BDPNEXT, we trust to develop a new level of tours and products for our cruise clients and their passengers.”

From Seascape, Maria Seljeseth, now BDPNEXT’s director of the cruise department, Sweden: “Look forward to be part of BDPNEXT. Together, we can offer our cruise clients the best of our destinations, and still provide the high service level we are known for. An opportunity of sharing ideas and experiences with cruise colleagues Virve Kataja from Next Travel and Peter Lundqvist from BDP is a positive impact for our future developments. Many of our clients, especially within the cruise lines, are familiar with Next Travel, BDP or Seascape Scandinavia already. They will benefit from having same contact persons but will experience new tours and concepts on the palette.”

Ken Nyström, Next Travel: “We want to welcome Maria and Candice to our large cruise team. Knowing Seascape and handling cruise ships for over 30 years this was a natural and clear step for us. This is good news for all cruise lines.”

Peter Henricson, COO, Strömma Group: “We are pleased that Seascape Scandinavia will be part of BDPNEXT. BDPNEXT is a reliable and serious company with solid experience within the cruise industry. We look forward to a good and mutual cooperation, not only in the Swedish ports, but also in the other countries BDPNEXT is located in.”

For the clients and suppliers of Seascape Scandinavia there will be no changes and the contact persons remain the same, however, there will be more coordinated activities for Scandinavia and Finland. Only minor change is that the name from now will be Seascape by BDPNEXT. The team cannot wait to handle our ships in whole Sweden, first ones coming already beginning of July.

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